xAGF Token

xAGF token is received for locking AGF.

A user can lock AGF for a period from 1 week to 4 years, and receive xAGF to unlock the following use cases:

  1. Boost Yields (up to 4x) on:

    i. supply and borrow of assets

    ii. staked agTokens (Augmented Finance's interest-bearing tokens)

    iii. staked AGF-ETH UNI LP (Uniswap liquidity pool tokens)

  2. Profit-share protocol Treasury (coming soon)

  3. Vote on various DAO proposals and protocol parameters (coming soon)

xAGF is:

  • non-transferable — e.g. can’t be exchanged on DEXes or sent to other users.

  • not subject to slashing in case of a shortfall event (unlike staked agTokens or staked AGF-ETH UNI LP tokens)

  • the only token that can be used for voting