Referral program

How it works

Augmented Finance makes DeFi more accessible. Users are not only able to supply or borrow assets, but also become a referrer and earn great AGF rewards by inviting new suppliers and borrowers to the Augmented Finance protocol.

A referrer receives a share of the referral pool based on the number of assets supplied and borrowed by new users who joined via the referrer's personal referral link.

How it works

  1. A user registers as a referrer and gets a unique referral link

  2. The referrer distributes his unique referral link to invite new suppliers and borrowers to the protocol

  3. Once a month the balance is calculated and referral rewards are paid:

    • The amount of "points" that referrer accumulated during this month (A)

    • The amount of "points" that all the referrers accumulated during this month (B)

    • Referrers receive AGF rewards based on the following formula: A / B * AGF tokens issued for the referral pool during the 1-month timeframe

No multi-level referral rewards

A referrer receives the referral rewards only for the new suppliers and borrowers that came via his personal referral link.

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