Lock AGF to boost yields

Instructions and a diagram



  1. A user can lock his AGF tokens for a period from 1 week to 4 years to get xAGF tokens. The amount of xAGF received depends on:

    • Lock period (longer period โ€” more xAGF received)

    • Amount of AGF locked (more AGF locked โ€” more xAGF received)

  2. After locking AGF tokens, the user will be able to increase the amount of xAGF by:

    • Extending the lock period, or

    • Adding more AGF to the lock without chaning the lock period

  3. The user can withdraw his AGF from the lock after the expiration of the lock period

Locking AGF and holding xAGF gives a boost of up to 4x ๐Ÿš€ of AGF rewards for those who actively use the protocol โ€” supply & borrow assets, stake agTokens, and stake AGF-ETH UNI LP (Uniswap liquidity pool tokens).