Claim AGF for burned tokens

Instructions and a diagram

AGF tokens earned via burning:

- Can be partially claimed and transferred at the end of the Early Liquidity Mining program: October 27, 2021 (12PM UTC).

- Will become fully claimable and transferable in 6 months after the end of the Early Liquidity Mining program: April 23, 2022 (12PM UTC).

A token burner can choose to claim rewards piece by piece starting from October 27, 2021 or wait until April 23, 2022 to claim them all at once and in full.

UI for the token burners is coming soon and will go live on October 27 12PM UTC.


The mechanics of claiming AGF is similar for OBX, XNS, and LID token burners

  1. A user will be able to use a special interface to find his amount of AGF by searching for his ETH address that was used to burn OBX, XNS, or LID tokens

  2. The user approves the transaction and claims his AGF

  3. To maximize AGF rewards, the user may choose to claim & stake to get additional AGF rewards for staking AGF

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