Borrow assets

Instructions and a diagram


  1. In order to borrow assets, you have to supply assets as collateral beforehand. Once you supply any of the supported assets they're automatically enabled as collateral

  2. Borrow assets and receive liquidity mining rewards in AGF

  3. Stake AGF tokens to receive xAGF and boost your AGF rewards up to 4x

Staking AGF and holding xAGF gives a boost of up to 4x 🚀 of AGF rewards for those who actively use the protocol — supply & borrow assets, and stake: Uni v2 AGF-ETH (Uniswap v2 pool tokens) or PancakeSwap AGF-BUSD or TraderJoe WAVAX-AGF or SushiSwap AGF-XDAI (on Gnosis Chain).

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