Borrowing assets

With Augmented Finance, a user can either lend (supply) or lend and borrow assets. Borrowing requires supplying some collateral. Make sure you supplied another asset as a collateral before.

Follow the steps below to borrow:

  • Go to the Borrow page.

  • “Available to borrow” column shows you each asset max. amount you can borrow.

  • Choose the asset you want to borrow and click “Borrow”.

  • Enter the token amount that you want to take out as a loan and click “Borrow”

  • A transaction is triggered, which you need to approve in Metamask. If your transaction has been processed, you'll see a confirmation message.

  • In case something wrong with your supply transaction, please describe your problem and together with the hash of this transaction send it to our support team in the chat, in Discord (#support), or email

  • Now you can see the borrow and supply balances in your dashboard; the same amount of tokens will also appear in your MetaMask wallet, which you can use for further transaction activities.

If your borrow failed, this might be a cause:

  • You supplied an asset as a collateral but disabled it from being collateral, you can enable it in the dashboard.

  • You supplied and staked your interest-bearing agTokens (agDAI, agUSDT, etc.). So your collateral is already used for staking and not available for borrowing. In this case, you can unstake the agTokens in the “Stake agTokens” tab, or supply more assets.

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