Updated: December 1, 2021

Launch PhasesLinkDate

☑️ Kovan Testnet Launch

Sep 10, 2021

☑️ Smart Contracts Deploy

Oct 2, 2021

☑️ Website & App

Oct 2, 2021

☑️ Early Liquidity Mining Start

Oct 2, 2021

☑️ Early Liquidity Mining End

Oct 23, 2021

☑️ Binance Smart Chain

Dec 28, 2021

☑️ Avalanche

Feb 2, 2021

Next milestones

  • Scaling to EVM-compatible Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains

  • NFT

    • Borrowing against NFTs from liquid collections based on their rarity, properties and usefulness

    • NFT fractionalisation

  • Dynamic interest rates

    In Aave/Compound, the interest rate is set in a two-step process. First, a certain utilization rate (% amount borrowed / amount deposited) is targeted. Then, a curve is hard-coded that aims to discourage utilization past the optimal level by sharply increasing the interest rate. The problem with this model is that the curve is fixed and cannot react to external market conditions.

    Augmented Finance pools will still target an optimal utilization rate (e.g. 90% utilisation for stablecoins), but rather than doing so via a curve, we will allow interest rates to adapt dynamically to market conditions in real-time. The dynamic interest rates model is more responsive to changes in supply-demand conditions and thus achieves more stable utilization. It will lead to higher capital efficiency for both suppliers and borrowers.

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