AGF token — the native asset of the Augmented Finance ecosystem, which constitutes the foundation of economics, governance, and safety for the protocol.

agToken — an interest-bearing token that is received after supplying (lending) an asset to the protocol.

Augmented Finance — an autonomous, non-custodial liquidity protocol, which offers the highest interest on deposits and the lowest rates for borrowing digital assets. It is built to unlock the world of open financial applications using AI to give birth to the intelligent DeFi era.

Borrowing — obtaining a loan secured (collaterized) by a crypto asset in the protocol and paying interest on the loan.

Liquidity Mining Rewards — dynamic issuance of AGF tokens used to reward protocol users for supplying, borrowing, staking, and locking.

Issuance Module — the module that can be triggered whenever the Staking Module is not enough to cover the complete recovery of the protocol following a critical loss of funds.

Liquidation — is a process that occurs when a borrower's collateral value not properly covering their loan/debt value.

Recovery Issuance — can be triggered whenever the Staking Module is not enough to cover the complete recovery of the protocol followed by a critical loss of funds.

Shortfall Event — event in the protocol causing a state of deficit for the liquidity providers. Can be caused by a smart contract risk (bugs, hacks, etc.), liquidation risk (e.g. risk of failure of an asset that is being used as collateral), or price-oracle risk (risk of the oracle not properly updating prices).

Staking provision of several types of tokens to the Staking Module to increase the safety of the protocol and receipt of AGF tokens as rewards. By staking tokens, a user accepts the risk of slashing a part (up to 30%) of their stake in case of a Shortfall Event. The tokens that are accepted to the Staking Module include agTokens and Uni v2 AGF-ETH tokens.

Staking Module — the module of the protocol, where users lock their tokens to protect the protocol in case of a Shortfall Event. Locked AGF tokens are not subject to slashing in case of a Shortfall Event.

Supplying (Lending) — providing an asset to the protocol and earning yields on the asset provided in the form of that asset plus AGF rewards.

xAGF — it is the token that a user gets in exchange for locking AGF tokens. It depends on the amount of AGF locked and the locking period (from 1 week to 4 years).

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