Staking module
The Staking module protects the Augmented Finance's protocol against unexpected loss of funds:
  • Smart contract risk:
    • Bug, flaw, or potential attack on the smart contract layer
  • Liquidation risk:
    • Risk of failure of an asset used as collateral
    • Risk of liquidators not capturing liquidation opportunities in a timely manner
    • Low market liquidity of the principal asset to be repaid
  • Oracle risk:
    • Risk of oracles not properly updating the prices in case of extreme market moves and/or market congestion
    • Risk of oracles not properly submitting prices, causing improper liquidations
  • There is a cooldown and withdraw* periods when unstaking the assets:
    • For unstaking Uni v2 AGF-ETH:
      • Cooldown - 1 day
      • Withdraw - 7 days
    • For unstaking DAI, USDC, USDT, WBTC, WETH, aTokens, cTokens:
      • Cooldown - 7 days
      • Withdraw - 7 days
    • For unstaking Early liquidity mining program assets:
      • Cooldown - 1 minute
      • Withdraw - 7 days
    *Withdraw 7-days period doesn't mean you have to wait for 7 days. You can withdraw starting from day 1.
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